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Margaret Smith Crocco

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A., Georgetown University; M.A., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Scholarly Interests

Diversity issues in social studies education. History of citizenship education. Technology and the social studies. Teacher education.


Professor Margaret Crocco and NY Times columnist Bob Herbert discuss the Teaching The Levees curriculum with WNYC radio host Brian Lehrer on Tuesday, September 18th, 2007.

To listen to the broadcast, click on the link below and scroll down to Learning from Katrina:

   WNYC's website


Professor Crocco contributes to a debate on an online New York Times forum concerned with teacher credentialing:


It's About Educational Equity by Margaret Crocco and Anand Marri

Selected Publications

Clio in the Classroom: A Guide to Teaching US Women’s History (Oxford University Press, 2009)

"Teaching The Levees:A Curriculum for Democratic Dialogue and Civic Engagement", companion volume to Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke (Teachers College Press, 2007)

Social Studies and the Press: Keeping the Beast at Bay? (Information Age Publishers, 2005)

Learning to Teach in an Age of Accountability (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates)

"Bending the Future to Their Will": Civic Women, Social Education, and Democracy (Rowman and Littlefield).

Pedagogies of Resistance: Women Educator Activists, 1880-1960  (Teachers College Press)

"Teaching Shabanu: The Challenges of Using World Literature in the Social Studies Classroom" (Journal of Curriculum Studies)

"Dealing with Difference in the Social Studies: An Historical Perspective" (International Journal of Social Education)

"Social Studies in the New York City Public Schools: A Descriptive Study" (Journal of Curriculum and Supervision)

"The Missing Discourse on Gender and Sexuality in the Social Studies" (Theory into Practice)

"Homophobic Hallways: Is Anyone Listening?" (Theory and Research in Social Education)  

"Inquiring Minds Want to Know: An Action Research Project in a New York City Classroom" (Journal of Teacher Education).

biographical information

Margaret Smith Crocco is Coordinator of the Program in Social Studies and Professor of Social Studies and Education. Professor Crocco received her bachelor's degree in philosophy from Georgetown University and her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught American Studies at the University of Maryland, American and Women's History at Drew, Montclair State, and William Paterson Universities, and within the Texas community college system. She joined the Teachers College faculty in 1993 after having spent eight years teaching and administering at a high school in Summit, New Jersey. Professor Crocco is the recipient of numerous grants related to women's history, African American history, and inclusive curriculum. Most recently, she has served as editor and project leader for the Teaching The Levees curriculum, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and based on Spike Lee's award-winning film, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.'

principal publications

Refereed Works
2009 Clio in the Classroom: A Guide to Teaching US Women’s History, Carol Berkin, Margaret S. Crocco, and Barbara Winslow, co-editors, Oxford University Press
Teaching The Levees:A Curriculum for Democratic Dialogue and Civic Engagement, companion volume to Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke, Teachers College Press
Social Studies and the Press: Keeping the Beast at Bay? Margaret Smith Crocco, editor, Information Age
Learning to Teach in an Age of Accountability, Arthur Costigan and Margaret S. Crocco, co-authors, with Karen K. Zumwalt, Lawrence Erlbaum
  Social Education in the Twentieth Century: Curriculum and Context for Citizenship, Christine Woyshner, Joseph Watras, Margaret Crocco, co-editors, Peter Lang
Building a Legacy: Women in Social Education 1784-1984, National Council for the Social Studies Bulletin 100, co-editor, with O.L. Davis, Jr.
“Bending the Future to Their Will”: Civic Women, Social Education and Democracy, co-editor, with O.L. Davis, Jr., Rowman and Littlefield
  Pedagogies of Resistance: Women Educator Activists 1880-1960, co-author, with Petra Munro and Kathleen Weiler, Teachers College Press
“(How) Do We Teach about Women of the World in Teacher Education?” for Rethinking Curricular Knowledge on Global Societies, Binaya Subedi, ed., Information Age.

“The Metaphors We Teach By,” for Social Studies and Diversity Teacher Education, Elizabeth Heilman, ed., Routledge
  “An epistemological and personal journey towards women’s studies,” chapter for Ginsberg book, Women’s Studies: The Evolution of a Discipline” 
“Re-imagining Citizenship Education: Gender, Sexuality, and the Social Studies,” for Civic Education for Diverse Citizens in Global Times:  Re-thinking Theory and Practice, Beth C. Rubin and James Giarelli, eds., (pp. 9-25), Lawrence Erlbaum
  “Gender Equity and Social Studies,” Invited chapter for Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity, 2nd edition, Sue Klein, ed. Co-author with Carole Hahn, Jane Bernard-Powers,and Christine Woyshner, Lawrence Erlbaum
  “Gender and Sexuality in the Social Studies,” Invited chapter for Handbook of Research in Social Studies, Linda Levstik and Cynthia Tyson, eds., (pp.172-197), Lawrence Erlbaum
“Gender and Social Education: What’s the Problem?” Invited chapter for Social Studies: Purposes, Problems, and Possibilities, 3rd ed., E. Wayne Ross, ed. (pp. 171-193), SUNY Press
  “Citizenship Education for the 21st Century,” Invited chapter for Gender and Teacher Education: Exploring Essential Equity Questions across Subject Areas, co-edited by David Sadker and Ellen Silber (pp.109-165), Lawrence Erlbaum
“The Invisible Hand of Theory in Social Education,” Invited chapter for Social Studies: The Next Generation; Re-searching Social Studies in the Postmodern, Cleo Cherryholmes, Avner Segall, and Elizabeth Heilman, eds., Peter Lang
  “Beauty or Beast?” in Social Studies and the Press: Keeping the Beast at Bay? Crocco, ed., (pp.3-14), Information Age Publishers
  “Women and the Social Studies: The Long Rise and Rapid Fall of Feminist Activity in the National Council for the Social Studies,” Social Education in the Twentieth Century: Curriculum and Context for Citizenship, Woyshner, Watras, and Crocco, eds. Peter Lang
  “Mary G. Kelty: An Ironic Tale of Remembrance,” Invited chapter for Explorations in Curriculum History, Lynn Burlbaw and Sherry L. Field, eds. (pp.185-193), Information Age
“A Pedagogy for Re-Envisioning America: Margaret Smith Crocco Interviews James A.Banks,” Chapter 7 of An Introduction to Multicultural Education, 2nd edition, James A. Banks, Allyn and Bacon
“Small Victories: Lessons Learned from a Successful Teaching American History Grant Program,” with Stephen J. Thornton, Veronika Denes, David Glasner and Sari Rosenberg. Under review at The History Teacher

“Integrating Literacy Instruction in Science and Social Studies Classrooms: Directions for Teacher Education,” Dolores Perin, Margaret Crocco, Anand Marri, Jessica Riccio, Ann Rivet, and Beth Chase. Under review at Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
“At the Crossroads of the World: Women of the Middle East,” with Nadia Pervez and Meredith Katz, The Social Studies
“(Never) Mind the Gap! Gender Equity in Social Studies Research on Technology in the Twenty-First Century,” Multicultural Education and Technology Journal 2(1)

“Teaching The Levees: An Exercise in Democratic Dialogue,” Co-authored with Maureen Grolnick, Journal of Educational Controversy 3 (1), an online journal.
“Education and Marginality: Race and Gender in Higher Education, 1940-1955,” with Waite, History of Education Quarterly 47(1): 69-91.
  “Speaking Truth to Power: Women’s Rights as Human Rights,” The Social Studies, 98(6): 257-269.
  “The Narrowing of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Age of Accountability: Urban Educators Speak Out,” with Costigan, Urban Education 42(6): 512-31.
“Caught between Invisibility and Stereotyping: Teaching the Novel Shabanu” Social Education 37(5): 178-182.
  “Women, WebQuests, and Controversial Issues in the Social Studies” Social Education 6(3)
“Teaching Shabanu: The Challenges of Using World Literature in the US Social Studies Classroom” Journal of Curriculum Studies 37(5), 561-582
“Technology Use, Women, and Global Studies in Social Studies Teacher Education,” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 51(1)
  “Fighting Injustice through Education,” with Waite, History of Education (UK publication of History of Education Society), 33 (5): 573-583.
  “Technology Use, Women, and Global Studies in Social Studies Education,” Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference Proceedings, Vol. 2004 (1): pp. 4773-4780 (online proceedings). SITE 2004 Best Paper Award Winner, republished in Contemporary Issues in Technology Education Journal in 2005.
  “Dealing with Difference in the Social Studies,” The International Journal of Social Education 18(1): 106-120.
“A Virtual Hall of Mirrors? Confronting the Digital Divide in Urban Social Studies Teacher Education,” with Judith Cramer, Journal of Computing in Teacher Education 20(4)
Guest Editor with Merry Merryfield of special issue on “Women of the World,” Social Education 67(1). Same volume: Author: “Teaching about Women of South Asia: Beyond Stereotypes and Misconceptions,” with Vaishali Patel
“Inquiring Minds Want to Know: An Action Research Project in a New York City Public School,” First author, with Bayard Faithfull and Sherry Schwartz, Journal of Teacher Education 54(1)
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“Social Studies in the New York City Public Schools: A Descriptive Study,” with Stephen Thornton, Journal of Curriculum and Supervision 17(3)
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  “(En)gendering Multicultural Identities and Representations in Education,” with Nina Asher, Theory and Research in Social Education 29 (1)
  “The Missing Discourse on Gender and Sexuality in the Social Studies,” Theory into Practice 40(1): 65-71
“Women, Citizenship, and the Social Studies,” Educational Forum 65 (1): 52-59)
  “Looking Beyond the Year 2000 for Women: Brave New World? Or the Next Chapter of Patriarchy?” San Francisco State University College of Education Review 12
“Teacher Education and the Study of Women from a Global Perspective,” Women’s Studies Quarterly 28
  “If You Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere: Teaching Immigrant Students in New York City,” with Della Brooks and Kimberley Woo, Social Education 62 (7): 434-8

“Putting the Actors Back on Stage: Oral History as Antidote to the Textbook,” The Social Studies 89 (1): 19-24. Reprinted in Preparing the Next Generation of Oral Historians, Lanman & Wendling, eds. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2008.
  “Crafting a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in an Age of Educational Standards,” Theory and Research in Social Education 26 (1)
  Women of New Jersey: Charting a Path to Full Citizenship, 1870-1920,” New Jersey History: “Forceful Yet Forgotten: Mary Ritter Beard and the Writing of History,” The History Teacher 31
  Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society 115 (3/4)
Mary Ritter Beard and Marion Thompson Wright: Shaping Inclusive Social Education,” Theory and Research in Social Education 25(1). Winner of the Exemplary Research Award, NCSS: 9-33

“Making Time for Women’s History ... When Your Survey Course Is Already Filled to Overflowing,” Social Education 61 (1): 32-37
Guest Editor, “Breaking the Chains: The 75th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage,” Social Education 59(5); Also, the lead article, “The Road to the Vote,” and “19th Amendment: Reform or Revolution?” with D.B. Brooks
  “Women’s History of the 1920s: A Look at Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Anzia Yezierska,” Social Education 59 (1): 29-30
“The Deviant Defining Process: From School to Psychotherapist,” Urban Education 13 (3):381-96
Non-Refereed Works 
Entry on normal schools for Encyclopedia on American Women’s History, Hasia Diner, Ed.
“Allen, Elizabeth Almira,” Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
  Book Review of “Cora Wilson Stewart and Kentucky’s Moonlight Schools,” The Journal of Southern History, vol. 73, no. 2: 488-89
Book Review of Lois Weiner’s Urban Education, 2nd ed, with A. Costigan, Teachers College Press
  Book Review of Alison Cook-Sather’s Education is Translation, for Education Review, an online journal
  “Teaching about Women of the World: Lessons from Using the Novel Shabanu.” Invited article by Walter Parker, editor of “Research into Practice” feature of Social Education
“High-Stakes Teaching: How High Stakes Testing Threatens Retention of Teachers in New York City.” Invited essay by Beverly Falk for The New Educator 2(1)
Entry on “History, teaching of” for [Homo]Sexualities, Education and Youth: An Encyclopedia, James T. Sears, ed., Greenwood Press
  Entries on Margaret Tufts Swan Yardley and Whittier House, in Maxine N. Lurie and Marc Mappen, eds., Encyclopedia of New Jersey, Rutgers University Press
Book review of Robert A. Pratt’s We Shall Not Be Moved: The Desegregation of the University of Georgia, in History of Education Quarterly 44 (3)
Book review of Betty Reardon’s work, “Peace Education: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?” Theory and Research in Social Education 30
Book review of Makler and Hubbard’s Teaching for Justice in the Social Studies Classroom, in Theory and Research in Social Education 29 (4)
Book review of E. Wayne Ross, The Social Studies Curriculum in Ed Review, an online journal, February 1999, with Stephen J. Thornton
  “On and Off the Record,” Social Science Record 35 (1)
  “Curriculum Guide Published on Suffrage History and Oral History,” New Jersey Council for the Social Studies Newsletter, June; re-published in NJHC Newsletter 27(3)
Entries on “Social Housekeeping,” “Heterodoxy,” “League of Women Voters” in Historical Dictionary of Women’s Education, Linda Eisenmann, ed., Greenwood Press

“What Have Women Done with the Vote?” New Jersey: Women, published by New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
  “New Jersey’s Women Go Public,” The Docket: Journal of the New Jersey Council of the Social Studies, Spring/Summer
  Book review of James Banks’ Educating Citizens in a Multicultural Society, Multicultural Education
  “On and Off the Record,” Social Science Record 34(1)
Editor and Consultant to Curriculum Guide for Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey
  “An Interview with Professor James Banks about Multiculturalism,” Social Science Record, 33(2)
  Entry in Making Connections between Multicultural and Global Education, ed. by Merry Merryfield, AACTE
  “New Jersey’s Club Women: Suffrage and Progressive Reform,” Part One, New Jersey Historical Commission Newsletter 26 (5); Part Two, NJHC Newsletter 26 (6)
Book Review of History Alive! Teachers Curriculum Institute, Social Education 60(1)
Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey, 2nd edition, New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC)
Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey, 1st edition, New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH) monograph—published and distributed to teachers and historical societies throughout New Jersey through grants from NJHC and NJCH
  Author and editor, Listening for All Voices: Gender Balancing the School Curriculum, Oak Knoll School with a grant from the Primerica Foundation

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Thanks go to Dr. Steven Mintz for this enormously useful and comprehensive list of websites, which he has shared with me and many others in the NYC history community.
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professional presentations


2008 Presentation on teaching women’s history at Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, Minneapolis
Presentation on Teaching The Levees, University of Washington, Seattle

Presentation on chapter on gender, sexuality and social studies for AERA Research in Social Studies SIG; AERA Division F Mentoring Session; presentations on Teaching The Levees and Teaching American History grants for OAH, NYC
Respondent to papers on AP US History course at Social Science History Association Meeting, Chicago, IL
  Presentation on Teaching The Levees, NCSS, and Research into Practice Symposium, CUFA, San Diego, CA
  Presentation on Teaching The Levees, LSU and Brooklyn College
  “Preparing Preservice Science and Social Studies Teachers for Adolescent Literacy Challenges: Reports from Student Teaching Classrooms": Perin, Marri, Rivet, Crocco, Riccio & Chase, AERA
College and University Faculty Assembly of NCSS: Symposium on Teaching American History Grant in New York City; International Assembly: “Speaking Truth to Power: Women’s Rights as Human Rights.” Collaborative Networking Session on “Gender and Social Studies.”
  New Educator Conference, City College of New York: “The narrowing of curriculum and pedagogy in social studies due to the ‘No Child Left Behind Act.’” Co-author, Arthur Costigan.
  American Educational Research Association Symposium: “What do we know?  How do we know it? And what do we want to know? A review of twenty years of research and scholarship on gender in the social studies.”  Presented with Carole Hahn and Christine Woyshner
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education: Panel on “Gender, Technology, and the Social Studies: What’s the Problem?” and Brief Paper on “The Influence of Computer     Use on Pre-service Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Social Studies”
  College and University Faculty Assembly of NCSS: Paper presentation, “The Influence of Computer Use on Pre-service Social Studies Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge,” with Thornton & Chandler; Moderator of Symposium on “Social Studies and the Press;” invited respondent to two sets of papers; invited speaker for lunch-time colloquium on “Talking Gender.”
  Berkshire Conference of Women Historians: “Teaching Teachers to Teach Women’s History,” symposium, Scripps College, Claremont, California
American Educational Research Association: “Urban rookies respond to the age of accountability: Learning to teach in New York City.” Division K paper presentation.
  History of Education Society UK: Co-presenter (with Cally L. Waite) of paper, “Education and Marginality: Black Women Working in US Higher Education, 1920-1960.”
  American Educational Studies Association, Discussant for session, “Educating for Citizenship before Brown: Constructing (and Reconstructing) the ‘Other’ in American Schooling: 1862-1950”
  Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, Atlanta, GA, “Technology Use, Women, and Global Studies in Social Studies Education”
  Presentation to teacher participants at Alice Paul Institute program on “Teaching about the history of women in New Jersey”


Invited presentation to Columbia University GSAS teaching assistants on diversity issues in the college classroom

  “Fighting Injustice through Education,” Cambridge University, England: The Brian Simon Conference on History of Education, with Cally Waite
  History of Education Society, US: “Building Faculties for Black Higher Education;” Chair for paper panel on “Education and Political Uses”
  NCSS: "Teaching about Women of the World;" Fireside Chat: Gender, Sexuality, Social Studies


HES: "Building Faculties for Black Higher Education," Chair: "Education and Political Uses"


AHA/OAH/NCSS: "Advocacy for History" Plenary Session


"Social Studies and Gender:" Bloomsburg University, University of Rochester, Hunterdon Central (N.J.) Regional High School


AERA: "Dealing with Difference in the Social Studies," "Gender in Social Studies," "Response to Founding Mothers," "Social Studies and the Press," "A Virtual Hall of Mirrors?"


CUFA: "Teaching Shabanu;" Respondent to Walter Parker's Teaching Democracy; Chair, "Social Education in the Twentieth Century"


AACTE: "Accountability and Authenticity: Beginning Teachers in the Social Studies"


AERA: "History Teaching and Citizenship;" "Teaching Shabanu: Dodging the Bullets of Ethnocentrism and Essentialism in a Course on ‘Women of the World'"


CUFA: Respondent to papers on social studies and sexual identity and symposium on women presidents of NCSS


HES: "Education and Marginality," "Twentieth Century Feminisms and Social Studies"


SSCH: "Mary G. Kelty: An Ironic Tale of Remembrance"


AERA: "Homophobic Hallways: Is Anyone Listening?"


AERA: "A White Woman Writing about the Life of a Black Woman"; "The Missing Discourse on Gender and Sexuality in the Social Studies"; "A Legacy Recovered: Women Educators in the Social Studies"; "The History of the Education of African Americans at Teachers College, from Plessy to Brown," with Cally Waite


NCSS/CUFA: "Writing Educational Biography in the Social Studies;" Panelist on the state of research in the social studies; Panelist on school/university partnerships in the social studies; "School Restructuring, Interdisciplinary Curriculum, and Social Studies"


HES: "The Education of African Americans in the North," with Cally Waite


AERA: Discussant for "Perspectives on Multicultural Education and Diversity in the Social Studies," Social Studies SIG; for Division K session, "Social Studies Teacher Education;" "What is the Impact of School Restructuring on Traditional School Subjects? The Case of Social Studies" with S. J. Thornton


Roslyn, NY Faculty In-service Presentation with Beth Brisbane: "Teaching for Tomorrow, or Curriculum as Window and Mirror"


History of Education Society: Presenter in Symposium on "Civic Women: Theorizing Education in a Pluralistic Democracy"


National Women's Studies Association Conference: "Elizabeth Allen and Marion Wright: Educators and Activists"


AERA Annual Meeting: Discussant for "Continuing the Conversation II: Biography, Gender, and Social Studies Education"


Colloquium on Race, Teachers College: "A White Woman Writing about the Life of an African American Woman"


Arts and Humanities Day, Teachers College: "Mavens, Maids, Mothers and More: Women in Film in the Forties and Fifties," with Stephen J. Thornton


History of Education Society: "Women Educators as Social Activists"


Arts and Humanities Institute, Teachers College: Presenter on "Identity, Representation, and Women from a Cross-Cultural Perspective" and Respondent to Nel Noddings


Arts and Humanities Institute, on Women and Art: Respondent to Keynote Address


Peace Education Conference, Teachers College: "Women's Rights as Global Rights," Respondent to Keynote Addresses


AERA Paper Presenter: "Rethinking the Political: Biography, Gender and the History of Women Social Studies Educators;" Paper Presenter: "Crafting a Liberatory Pedagogy in an Age of Standards"


Symposium Chair: "Civic Education and Cultural Citizenship: A Return Call for Conversation with Jane Martin and Nel Noddings"


NCSS/CUFA Organizer and Presenter: "Public History Approaches to Teaching Social Studies in Diverse Classrooms"


NCSS/CUFA Presenter: "Integrating Issues of Multicultural and Global Education into Teacher Education"


NCSS/CUFA Presenter: "Using History Alive! in a Social Studies Methods Class"


"New Jersey's History: The Barrel Tapped at Both Ends," The New Jersey Council for the Humanities Summer Conference for Teachers: Presenter: "Going Public: Women's Work in Volunteer Organizations in New Jersey, 1880-1920"


Art, Culture and Interdisciplinarity Conference Presenter: "Providing the Context in Interdisciplinary Studies"


The New Jersey Project on Inclusive Curriculum: "Inviting K-12 Students into the Complexities of Race, Class, and Gender in History: Strategies, Struggles, and Stories"


AERA Roundtable Chair on "Interpretive Issues in Curriculum Studies and Aesthetics;" Symposium Organizer/Chair: "Broadening Our Understanding of Citizenship: A Conversation with Jane Roland Martin and Nel Noddings;" Paper Presenter: "Women Educators as Social Activists"


Pre-AERA Social Studies Meeting Panelist for Presentation on Social Studies Research


NCSS/CUFA: "Defining Inclusive Curriculum in the Social Studies: Mary Beard and Marion Thompson Wright"


NCSS: "In Celebration of 75th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment"


New Jersey Historical Commission Annual Conference Keynote Speaker: "New Jersey Women and the Public Sphere"


Rutgers University, In Celebration of Our Work Conference: "Women's Clubs and Woman Suffrage"

1989 - 1992

Presentations on Inclusive Curriculum at Christopher Academy, County College of Morris, Buffalo Seminary, Hackensack Schools, NAIS Annual Conference, Academy of Holy Angels, Stuart Country Day School, Peddie School, Kent Place School


New Jersey Historical Commission Conference: "Integrating Gender into History"


American Studies Association Annual Meeting: "Interdisciplinary Approaches to American Autobiography"


American Studies Association Meeting: "Anthropological Approaches to American Autobiography"


American Anthropological Association Meeting: "The Psychiatrist as Socializer"




"Bringing a Gender Dimension to Human Rights Education," Panel with David Sadker, Amnesty International Human Rights Education Summit

2001 & 2002

"Reclaiming Lost Ground: A History of Women's Rights in New Jersey," New Jersey Council for the Humanities Summer Teachers Seminar, Monmouth University


"Reclaiming Lost Ground: A History of Women's Rights in New Jersey," New Jersey Council for the Humanities Teachers Seminar, Monmouth University


"Why the History of Women's Education Matters," College of New Jersey


"Woman Suffrage in New Jersey: Story and Satire," New Jersey Council for the Humanities, Burlington County Historical Society


"Reclaiming, Resisting, and Reconstructing: Women of New Jersey 1776-1920," State Museum of New Jersey, Trenton


"Women, the US Constitution, and the Struggle for Equality," Governor Whitman's Conference on Women, Atlantic City


"The Meaning of Seneca Falls on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Introduction of the Equal Rights Amendment," Mt. Laurel, NJ


Women's History Month Presentation, Student Activities, TC


"Election ‘96: The Women's Perspective," AAUW, Summit, NJ


"The Story and Satire of Suffrage in New Jersey," New Jersey Institute of Technology


"Single Sex and Coeducational Schooling: What the Research Indicates," St. Thomas More School Parent Association, NYC


"The Fight for Woman Suffrage: Story and Satire," Six public lectures at NJ community colleges in honor of the 75th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, sponsored by League of Women Voters


"Women of the 90s:" New Jersey Network Radio


Presentations on Women and Suffrage at League of Women Voters in Chatham, Madison, Bergen County, Union County, Governor Livingston Regional HS, Ocean County Alliance for Women in History


"History: Neither Brooding Nor Gloating but Getting on with the 21st Century," Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, Caldwell College


"The Role of Women's Clubs in the Fight for Suffrage," NJ AAUW


"Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey," Maccullough Hall, Morristown, NJ


Presentations on women, suffrage, and contemporary politics at NJ Division on Women, Carl Sandburg Middle School, Camden County College, Summit College Club


"Inclusive Curriculum and the Schools," Summit College Club



Recent Grants:
“Teaching The Levees” curriculum wins award for outstanding curriculum from Association of Teachers of Social Studies, New York City UFT
Consultant for Curriculum Project related to the award winning film Revolution 67
Khemka Foundation (India) Award for Leadership Curriculum, $750,000 (participant)
2006 "Teaching The Levees Project," Rockefeller Foundation, $975,000;
Selected for Japan Study Tour for Teacher Educators, Japan Society, NYC; Partner with NYC social studies team on city-wide Teaching American History Grant, "Content and Continuity," Funded for just under $2 million to US DOE.
2005 Consultant to "We the People" Teaching American History Grant with Regional Instructional Center 10, $999,000. "Enhancing Teacher Preparation for Adolescent Literacy through Interdisciplinary Learning Communities" with Professors Perin, Calabrese-Barton, Rivet, Marri, and Dr. Doug Wood of the National Academy for Excellence in Teaching, $100,000 by Carnegie Corporation
2004 Contributed to development of President Arthur Levine's Freeman Foundation grant for $98,600 to underwrite conference on teaching about East Asia in US colleges of teacher education Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education "Best Paper Award" for "Technology Use, Women, and Global Studies in Social Studies Education," with Judith Cramer Partner with Region 10 New York City Board of Education in Teaching American History Grant on Foundations of Democracy, $969, 903.
2003 One-year partner in Teaching American History grant with Community School District 23, Ocean Hill-Brownsville, $875, 000
2002 Partner in Teaching American History grant with Manhattan Superintendencies, $998,000. Served as paid consultant to NEH Grant (funded at $10,000) on 9/11 to Columbia University Oral History Research Office. Member of Steering Committee for Women's Project of New Jersey, awarded $20, 000 grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission to expand website on New Jersey women. One of 4 historical researchers and curriculum developers of new material for expanded website. This website won "Certificate of Commendation" from the American Association for State and Local History in 2004.

service to the college and university

CEO&I Ad Hoc Committee
Co-chair President Susan H. Fuhrman’s Inauguration Committee
One of five elected faculty representatives to TC Presidential Search Committee
  Chair of Search Committee for professorial position in Program in Social Studies;
  Search Committee for Associate Director of Campaign for Educational Equity

2005- 2008  



Elected representative to Standing Committee on Tenure

Presidential Search Committee; Standing Committee on Tenure; Middle States Steering Committee

FEC Chair; Search Committee: Financial Aid Director; Human Resources Director


Faculty Executive Committee representative of the Department of Arts and Humanities


Dissertation Sponsor: Margaret Holland (International Education) and Julie Altman (History and Education); Committee: Mary Ann Cappiello (Curriculum and Teaching), Benjamin Jacobs, Andrea Libresco (Social Studies); Beverly Lee Bisland (Social Studies); Anthony Mbogho (Art Education)


Dissertation Sponsor: Jill Jupiter-Jones; Committee: Carol Harrison-Wong (Social Studies)

History and Education Search Committee

Teacher Education Policy Committee; Space Committee; Sexual Harassment Committee


Dissertation Examiner: Jessica Zirkel Rubin (Instructional Technology)

Committee: Gayle Kalisman (Art and Education)

Sponsor: Masako Hamada (International Education)


History and Education Search Committee; Search Committee for Director of Oral History Research Office, Columbia University


Dissertation Examiner: Nicole Vartanian (Sociology)


Supervisor of Student Teachers


Committee for Dean's Grants for Student Research


Science Education Search Committee


Dissertation Sponsor: Sherry Schwartz (Social Studies); Dissertation Examiner: Randi Dickson (English); Karen Hornick (English, Columbia); Dissertation Committee: Mikki Shaw (English); Kozue Akibayashi (IED); Shyrl Matias (IED)


Supervisor of Student Teachers


Faculty Search Committee for 2 positions in TESOL


Faculty Colloquium presentation for students on my research


Dissertation Sponsor: Kimberley Woo (Social Studies); Dissertation Examiner: Carol Aiken (Music); Donna Tumin (Art); Wairimu Kiambuthi (IED); Ellen Salzman Fiske (History and Education)

1998 - 2000

Two year term on Faculty Advisory Committee


Columbia University's Commission on Status of Women

1998 - 2001

Member of Institutional Review Board


Teacher Education Policy Committee; Library Committee


Presentation to Faculty of Morris High School, Bronx, NY, for Center for Educational Innovation and Outreach, Teachers College


Dissertation Examiner: Heasun Kim (Music Education); Dissertation Committee: Carol Harrison-Wong (Social Studies) and Dissertation Examiner: Julie Kenyon (English)


Presentation for "Our Mutual Estate" Conference, English Education


Dissertation Examiner: Ziad Malave (Art), Jill Crosby (Dance), Li-chen Hwang (Music Education)


Dissertation Examiner: Natalie Schifano (Art); Dissertation Committee: Patricia Thevenet (Social Studies)


service and work outside nyc

Elected to Social Science Education Consortium Board of Directors
  Named to Advisory Board for international Breakthrough TV NGO
Editorial Board, The Social Studies; Editorial Advisory Board, National Women’s Studies Association Journal and for the “About Japan” website at The Japan Society;
  Reviewed manuscripts for Teaching and Teacher Education and American Educational Research Journal
Archives Work with National Council for the Social Studies; Review of conference proposals for NCSS; Reviewer for Teaching and Teacher Education; American Educational Research Journal
Invited by Mary Marshall Clark, Director of Columbia University Oral History Research Office to serve on Advisory Board chaired by Eric Foner
  “Roads from Seneca Falls” National Advisory Board, a joint project of SUNY, Oswego, and Syracuse University on the promotion of women’s history website
  Reviewer for Oral History Review; Theory and Research in Social Education; NCSS journals; Book reviewer for Educational Policy Analysis Archives and Journal of Southern History
  Invited by NCSS President Jeff Passe to serve on NCSS Task Force on Diversity; Invited by CUFA Chair Keith Barton to serve on Committee for review of NCSS curriculum standards
  Scholars and Advocates for Gender Equity: Chair of subcommittee on new award in field of gender equity
Consultant in preparation of NYCDOE Region 10 Teaching
  American History grant for elementary school teachers
Reviewer for Journal of Curriculum Studies; Teaching and Teacher Education; NCSS journals; Theory and Research for Social Education;  Oral History Review, Taylor and Francis and Lawrence Erlbaum book manuscript proposals.
Consultant to Peck School, Morristown, NJ, on social studies curriculum
  Co-chair of Program for AERA Committee, Scholars and Advocates of Gender Equity (SAGE), the major committee devoted to the subject of gender equity, and part of AERA’s Social Justice Action Committee
  Advisory Board to Marymount College/Fordham University’s Ford Foundation Gender Equity Grant (to 2006)
2003-2004 Editorial Board, Theory and Research in Social Education AERA, Scholars and Advocates of Gender Equity (SAGE) Committee Member
NCSS, Vice-Chair of Archives Committee

2000 - 2001

Chair of College and University Faculty Assembly

2000 - 2002

Member, The Women's Project of NJ


Consultant, Westport, CT Social Studies Curriculum Committee

2000 - present

Grants reviewer and consultant, New Jersey Historical Commission; member of State of New Jersey's "Women's Heritage Trail Advisory Oversight Committee"

2000 - 2003

Executive Board of College and University Faculty Assembly (NCSS)

1999 to present

Reviewer of articles for Theory and Research in Social Education, The History Teacher, Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, American Educational Research Journal, Teaching and Teacher Education; book proposals for Teachers College Press, Heinemann Press, Houghton Mifflin; External reviewer for tenure decisions nationwide in social studies.

1996 to 1999

Co-Editor of Social Science Record, journal of the New York State Council for the Social Studies; NCATE Board of Examiners

1997 to present

Reviewer of program proposals, NCSS: College and University Faculty Association;
AERA: Divisions B, C, F, and K, Research in Social Studies Education SIG

1995 - 1998

Board Member, Morris County Cultural Heritage Commission


Consultant to Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission

1994 to 1995

Delbarton School (Morristown, NJ) Curriculum Committee

1995 to 1996

President, Parent Associations of New Jersey Independent Schools and Co-Chair of Annual Symposium (1995)


Founder and Chair, NJ Council for Women in Independent Schools

active professional organizations

American Educational Research Association
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
American Historical Association
American Studies Association
History of Education Society
National Council for the Social Studies/New Jersey Council for the Social Studies
National Society for the Study of Education
Organization of American Historians
Social Science Education Consortium

A&HW 4040: Women of the world: Issues in teaching

Womens lives viewed through history, geography, literature, human rights, demography, and economics provide the subject matter. Reconceptualizing the school curriculum is a dominant theme. Satisfies the New York State requirement for world history and geography.

A&HW 4903: Research and independent study in social studies

Permission of instructor required. To be taken under the direction of a faculty member. Students work individually or with others.

A&HW 5031: Teacher Education in Social Studies

Problems, issues, and new directions in teacher education in social studies.

A&HW 5037: Advanced methods of social studies curriculum

Examination of alternatives to conventional curricular arrangements in social studies, including attention to oral history, interdisciplinary strategies and service learning.

A&HW 5223: Oral history as a multidisciplinary teaching tool

Students will learn the steps of oral history design for the classroom, including research, selection of interviewees, conduct of the interview, transcribing, reviewing, and editing.

A&HW 5503: Research paper in Social Studies

Required for doctoral students in fourth semester of doctoral seminar.

A&HW 5530: History of American social thought

History of American social thought as it has influenced and been influenced by theories of education and patterns of educational practice.

A&HW 5931: Guided investigations in the teaching of social studies

Permission of instructor required. For advanced students. Individual fieldwork in secondary school or introductory college social studies.

A&HW 6030: Research in social studies education

Permission of instructor required. Individual fieldwork in secondary school or introductory college social studies.

A&HW 6203: Advanced fieldwork in social studies

Permission of instructor required. See description for A&HW 5203.

A&HW 6503: Doctoral seminar in Social Studies

Seminar focused on doctoral student research and contemporary social studies issues. Beginning doctoral students take the seminar for four consecutive semesters.

A&HW 6935: Studies in history and in the teaching of history and social studies

Permission of instructor required. Individual research and advanced historical method ordinarily related to a doctoral dissertation.

A&HW 7503: Dissertation seminar in social studies

The purpose of the dissertation seminar is to develop and refine specific topics for dissertation research. Students should enroll in the dissertation seminar beginning only in the semester in which they intend to present their dissertation proposal for departmental review.

A&HW 8903: Dissertation advisement in social studies

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertation. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. See catalog section on continuous registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees.

Documents & Papers

Download: High Stakes Teaching [PDF]

Download: Teaching Shabanu [PDF]

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